Someone recently asked founder and CEO Ceandrys this question and we thought you might be interested in her answer.

"It starts with my own story of authenticity and truly embracing my own identity" shares Ceandrys.

The journey did not begin completely on her own. Ceandrys first sought out a manufacturer who would handle the chemistry aspect and dabbled first in the blending of scents to test her creative abilities. That was how she started her perfume line RAW Perfume Inc. While the scents were unique, impressing even the chemist with her unusual combinations, the saturated perfume market was difficult, if near impossible for a newbie to penetrate.

One day her youngest daughter suggested using the unique blend of perfume scents in a bath & body product which she could make herself without a third party involved. And that is how the journey to natural began.

"The turning point from synthetic to 100% natural came when my [eldest] daughter’s eczema started to become inflamed as she was carrying my first grandson. Then when he was born with eczema I knew I wanted a product that used herbs and natural extracts. My philosophy was finding solutions from the earth, that the Creator has blessed us with."

With hours of research and her own testing, Ceandrys was able to craft a product that resulted in major improvement in her grandson and daughters condition. This initial success motivated her to spend countless hours, while everyone was asleep, taking courses and studying the process of products. She focused on which ingredients blended and which didn't. She studied how those blends could work for all races and impact the most sensitive skin types. This is how RAW was Released.

Today the brand revolves around the mantra that it takes 26 seconds for what enters into your skin to go into your bloodstream.  "Practice what you preach and give your skin the care that is so often overlooked. It is protecting and being that protective barrier to every organ and part of your inside" coaches Ceandrys. 

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