About Us

R.A.W., Reviving Authentic Wellness, Body Essentials is a plant-based and sustainable skincare, vegan aromatic, and pet care line originating in Hawaii. R.A.W. specializes in high-quality wellness products for families of all ethnicities, even those with the most sensitive skin. Our brand empowers our customers and pays homage to their unique beauty.  


Our Logo Story

Did you know that Raw Body Essentials' logo symbolizes inspiration? Our Founder & CEO, Ceandrys Black, designed it with the letter R, "transforming" the word WAR to the word RAW. As you review the overall design in detail...what do you see? The idea behind the design is two-fold: First, it was created to express the power of releasing oneself from past experiences or frustrations (conflict). Just as a caterpillar goes through the metamorphosis stage, so do we. In the final step, we reach our completion. 

 Our second design inspiration is, as you see it, a winged butterfly. This is where the final release into beauty manifests. ​In relation to skincare, it's important to remember that the products you choose to use now will affect the life cycle of your skin tomorrow. This brings us to the season you are in because your future is waiting, and we believe you have to open the door to see it.

Ceandrys Black, Our Founder

Ceandrys is an inspirational speaker, executive coach, amazing musician, and C.E.O. of R.A.W. body essentials. She has over ten years of empowering individuals in achieving new heights of awareness, wealth, life purpose, and authentic success. As a multi-business owner, Ceandrys specializes in both profit and non-profit organizations. Her valuable skills and leadership have led her to be a reputable advisor and coach to various organizations and leaders around the United States. 

 After her own personal experience of W.A.R. as a business owner and social norms of race, culture, and character, she put her energy into attending further education in her niche and has received Certification in Aromatherapy, Master Herbalist, Juicing, and soon to be a cosmetic Formulator. There is so much this woman carries, and every obstacle or test she faces empowers her even more to inspire others to never give up on their dream, vision, and God-given assignment. Each product created, lesson taught, and empowering message spoken provides a conscience awareness of unleashing and embracing your true inner beauty and authenticity. 

On any given day, product creationist and founder Ceandrys Black (Certified Aromatherapy Specialist) can be found mixing a creamy batch of body butter or crafting a new antioxidant-filled soap recipe. Ceandrys spends hours and hours on research and recipe crafting, so you don't have to. She is constantly reformulating to ensure the most updated and highest quality products are used while providing at an affordable price point. Her organic, natural bath and body products are crafted with the most sensitive-skin customer in mind. Ceandrys knows her relentless pursuit of natural product perfection gives her the unique ability to create variations based on her customer's personal needs and desires.