We chatted with a number of our authentic moms who were willing to give us the scoop on what mothers truly want (and DON'T want) for Mother's Day. Here's what we found out. The most common Mother's Day disappointment was NOT being acknowledged at all. So this Mother's Day don't forget that special mom in your life.

7 out of 10 moms interviewed just wanted to be pampered and have some time to themselves. While a few moms were clear that a "spa day" was what they needed, others simply wanted some time away from their usual mom duties. From a trip around Europe to "I don't know, a shopping spree?" what was clear from the answers was giving our busy moms a chance to escape, relax and breathe.

So why not pamper your mom today with some of our favorite do-it-yourself spa goodies. If you can't run the bath water for her yourself, ship her a variety of our shower misters to brighten her day, refocus or energize. If you live nearby or in the same home why not run her bath for her and slip in one of our Peach or Mystery Moolah bath bombs. Allow her to soak her feet with our bath salts or scrub them for her with our Orange Sugar Scrub. Let her wake up to a clean house and the aromatherapy from one (or more) of our popular soy candles. On island? Visit us in-store to create a custom gift box for mom.

For laughs photo

Just for laughs here are a few of the surprising things (well surprising to us) that made the list for worst Mother's Day gift from our interviewees:


  • Dinner at a restaurant ON Mother's Day (as much as this authentic mom loved the thought behind it, the crush of the busy mother's day rush just wasn't as much fun as anticipated)
  • A bathrobe (ok maybe not so surprising)
  • An edible arrangement (guess it's just not for everyone)

If you'd like to share your own thoughts, complete our survey and enter to win* a $25 Starbucks Gift Card. Keep it for yourself or add it to that amazing package for mom this Mother's Day.

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