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While this may just look like a picture of a used candle every single line you see on the glass represents WELL over 5 hours of burning time. When @rawbodyessentials puts "Over 90 hours burn time" on their label, its no joke...

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

When your favorite all natural shop fills your favorite candle upon request...

Self-Care Tips by RAWGen Raion

Posted by Ceandrys Black on

Self-Care Tips by RAWGen Raion

I think one of the things in this generation that I am learning is that we all know how to "go". Sometimes we don't know how to just "stop".  And I think that's why #selfCareSunday is very important. I typically work Mondays through Saturdays and on Sundays I just stop. I do absolutely nothing. I watch football and I just take care of myself. I drink my Mango, Pineapple, Lemon water to give myself the energy that I need. You need to take time to take care of your bodies so that you CAN keep going.

My 3 Tips for Self-Care

Tip 1: Drink Water

Tip 2: Rest

Tip 3: Pick a Day to Pamper yourself

My go to products for Sunday (part of my Self-Care Sunday Shower routine)

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