1. What does authenticity mean to you? Authenticity means to be bold and beautiful. Unique in your own way whether its your inner or outer self. Being able to express yourself naturally and not through a mask or be someone you're not.

2. Describe a time when you struggled to be authentic. What did you do? I've been through a lot in life and I still am, but when I met Aunty Ceandrys my life really did change for the better. She just knew who I was from the beginning, she read right through me. As an employee of RAW, I am learning what Authenticity really is and slowly learning everyday to love and accept myself. So thank you Aunty Ceandrys and RAW Body Essentials because my life is changing for the better. 

3. What is an authentic woman? An authentic woman is one who loves herself for who she is and not what other people want her to be. I'm not quite one yet but slowly and surely I am working my way up to it. I  am becoming someone who can accept and love myself for me and not who others expect or want me to be.