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Why RAW?

Someone recently asked founder and CEO Ceandrys this question and we thought you might be interested in her answer. "It starts with my own story of authenticity and truly embracing my own identity" shares Ceandrys.

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Self-Care Tips by RAWGen Raion

I think one of the things in this generation that I am learning is that we all know how to "go". Sometimes we don't know how to just "stop".  And I think that's why #selfCareSunday is very important. I typically work Mondays through Saturdays and on Sundays I just stop. I do absolutely nothing. I watch football and I just take care of myself. I drink my Mango, Pineapple, Lemon water to give myself the energy that I need. You need to take time to take care of your bodies so that you CAN keep going. My 3 Tips for Self-Care Tip 1: Drink Water Tip 2: Rest Tip 3: Pick a Day to Pamper yourself My go to products...

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Kishona's Story

I believe authenticity is true transparency not being afraid of being liked, wanted or even accepted. It is the true essence of yourself of how God has made you to be. Having the ability to not people please but to focus on

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