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Our History

Ceandrys' tagline Live Authentically is more than a marketing slogan but a mantra she strives to live by daily. Her motivation is to empower others to do the same. Growing up as a child on the autism spectrum, Ceandrys was known for her gifts in music. It was only in 2015 at the age of 41 that Ceandrys transitioned from mixing musical notes to perfume notes. She launched her first line of perfumes that impressed the chemist with her "nose" and gathered some local attention  but failed to end up with a Cinderella story in sales.

Two years later, while teetering on the verge of making a second substantial investment into perfumes or completely folding the business, her youngest daughter Ranai proposed the idea of creating bath bombs with the scent of the perfumes and the genesis of RAW Body Essentials was born. From her garage to her first brick-and-mortar Ceandrys has learned what formulas work (and don't work). She still listens to your feedback and is constantly refining her recipes and creating new ones to meet the needs of her growing customer base. So try our products and let us know what you think.
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