About R.A.W.

“The world of natural beauty just got personal”.

R.A.W. Body Essentials (“R.A.W”), a wholly owned subsidiary of R.A.W Perfume Inc., is proud to offer a new tropical experience in natural beauty.

R.A.W. thrives because it enjoys the unique ability to craft and design its natural products around the unique needs, preferences, and stylings of its customers. In other words, RA.W. designs around “the essentials”. 

The acronym “R.A.W.” stands for “Releasing Authentic Women”.  Raw Body Essentials was achieved through a relentless pursuit of natural product excellence. 

Our flagship retail store is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Our newest retail store on the U.S. mainland is located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.

Making Bath Bombs
(Ceandrys is making special Year of the Pig money bath bombs).

On any given day, product creationist and founder Ceandrys Black (Certified Aromatherapy Specialist) can be found mixing a creamy batch of body butters or crafting a new antioxidant-filled soap recipe. Ceandrys spends hours and hours on research and recipe crafting, so you don't have to. She is always reformulating to ensure the most updated and highest quality of products are used while providing at an affordable price point.

Her organic, natural bath and body products are crafted with the most sensitive-skin customer in mind. Ceandrys knows her relentless pursuit of natural product perfection gives her the unique ability to create variations based upon her customers personal needs and desires.

R.A.W. Body Essential’s products are uniquely distinguishable from other products in the marketplace.  Its products are “designed and customized” for the market.  In addition, R.A.W. highlights a full spectrum of deodorants without baking soda along with color-free bath bombs. 

R.A.W. Perfume products, and R.A.W. Body Essentials epitomize the best formulation of 100% natural and handmade products for families of all ethnicities.

All R.A.W. products are authentic and painstakingly crafted to ensure the highest quality.

R.A.W. specializes in high quality, boutique-style, 100% natural and handmade skincare products for all people. Our product offerings are designed to empower our customers and pay homage to their unique beauty. Just like unleashing the brilliance of a precious jewel, our products represent a conscience awareness of embracing the true you.

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