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Logo Story

Did you know that Raw Body Essentials' logo is a symbol of inspiration?  It was designed by our Founder & CEO Ceandrys Black with the letter R "transforming" the word WAR to the word RAW.  As you review the overall design in detail...what do you see?  The idea behind the design is two-fold:  First, it was created to express the power of releasing oneself from past experiences or frustrations (conflict).  Just as a caterpillar goes through the metamorphosis stage, so do we.  In the final stage we reach our completion.  Our second design inspiration is as you see it.  A winged butterfly.  This is where the final release into beauty manifests.
​In relation to skincare, it's important to remember that the products you choose to use now will affect the life cycle of your skin tomorrow. This brings us to the season you are in, because your future is waiting.  We believe you just have to open the door to see it.