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Soaps Bars
Soaps Bars
Soaps Bars
Soaps Bars
Soaps Bars
Soaps Bars

Soaps Bars

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A variety of amazing scented soap bars that will be limited time only! 


Peel Back & Relax: scented in orange, satsuma



A Toast to You: scented in champagne



Breathe Freely: scented in eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen


Mr. Intellectual: scented in moss, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, amber

Simply Elegant: scented in white tea and pear
Empowerment: scented in rosemary & mint
Sweet Blossom: scented in black raspberry & vanilla

Citrus Melody: scented in ginger and lime


Oatmeal N Honey: made with goat's milk honey and oats


Lavender: with flowers


Sweet Dreams: lavender and chamomile


Fun in the sun: scented in our personal tropical fruit blend 


Aloha: scented in mandarin, fresh bergamot

Herbal Delight: scented  in basil, sage, mint
Bath time: scented in Egyptian Musk