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Body Cream Sugar Scrub

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Everyone is understanding the importance of scrubs! Versatility in a scrub to exfoliate and cleanse your skin yet conditioning with all of the amazing ingredients included. The butters when 

Use it as a body, hand, or  foot scrub; or wash it to get the grime and slime off your skin! 

The butters once mixed with the water creates a nice creamy and blend for the skin.


Amis Pour Toujours: a beautiful and unique blend of berries and delicious vanilla


Calm in the Storm: enjoy the relaxing and calming notes of lavender


Georgia Peach: sweet succulent peach with honey nectar drizzle


Overnight Oats: awesome grated oats and raw honey 


Puakenikeni: the beautiful scent of Hawaii's exclusive flower 


Raw Dragon: our CEO's signature blend notes of peach, violet, bergamot, orange and sandalwood


Taco Tuesday: notes of avocado, cilantro, and lime