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Balms have been around for centuries and used on the skin for multi-purpose reasons. Many are thick and create a protective barrier for skin, almost like a band-aid but decidedly more pleasant. Today we have decided to keep Mother Earth a part of our balms.

About the Scent
Break Thru: Skip the petroleum rubs and enjoy this all natural version. Menthol crystals derived from mint oils, boosted with our trio blend of eucalyptus peppermint and white camphor essential oil. A hint of them just brigs that anti-septic flavor. Get your break thru.

Muscle Salve: Our personal infused oils with myrrh, frankincense, st. John's wort, cayenne, yarrow, arnica, comfy root just to name a few for their anti-inflammatory properties. 


Ginger Raw: A custom blend that our arthritis and joint customers love. Cayenne pepper contains beneficial compounds called capsaicin, which has been shown to offer relief from arthritic and other types of pain. Ginger is infused as its' been a tradition used to increase circulation. Enjoy and remember this is just natural earth and herbs.


Fighter: Our base of mint blended with pine, tamanu oil and peppermint essential oil. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and consciously allow the muscles of your face, jaw and shoulders to relax.


Block It Salve: Been in the sun and need to give your skin a break? Try our sunflower infused balm; lemongrass and sweet orange blend.


Mature Beauty: One of our softer balm infused with rose petals and reship seed oil. She butter is our base high in Vitamins A & E while sweet almond oil is high in fatty acids. Ready to sleep, dab this balm around your eyes, laugh lines, forehead and any other desired areas and regenerate.